Welcome to Our Club!

We strive to teach sound basic skills in a safe gymnastics setting. We believe that encouragement and positive motivation are the keys to gymnastics achievement and self-confidence.

Gymnastics East features the latest in gymnastics technology. We have spring tumbling floors, 40 ft. tumble tramps, vault tables, balance beams in graduated heights, uneven bars, practice bars, trampolines, a wide variety of small equipment to aid in instruction of the young through advanced training facilities for the competitive gymnast.

Students with previous gymnastics experience, who are new to our program, should make an appointment for a skill evaluation for proper class placement or refer to our "Moveup Requirements".

Breaking News

2014-2015 School Year Registration!!   Teacher information now available below.

Registration for the Bellevue location begins Monday, July 28th starting at 7am.  Registration for the Issaquah location begins Monday, August 4th starting at 7am.

Registration for both locations will be via EMAIL or FAX only!  Bellevue registrations will be accepted by email at registration@gymeast.com or by fax at 425-644-1791 starting Monday, July 28th, at 7:00am.  Emails or faxes received prior to 7am will be deleted!

Issaquah registrations will be accepted at issaquah@gymeast.com or by fax at 425-392-2612 starting Monday, August 4th, at 7:00am. 

We are not taking walk-in or phone registrations and online registration will not be available until we have processed all the email and fax requests.  Please check online for updates about online registration.  If you come to the gym to register, you will receive the form that is available online or was sent via email to you and you will be put in the email queue based on the day/time you arrived.

All customers (from Sept. 2012 to current summer), will receive an email template from us on Friday, July 25th for registration for the Bellevue location (you will receive on August 1st for the Issaquah registration).  If you are a new customer, please download the form posted HERE , complete it, and email or fax it to us beginning at 7am on Monday, July 28th for the Bellevue location of Monday, August 4th for the Issaquah location!!  Please note, emails sent prior to 7am will be returned to you.

We do allow for a family to register 1 additional family.  Please return forms in a single email so we can accomodate.  If your child wants a class with a friend, please return both email registrations together in a single email so we can accomodate.

For Bellevue Schedule, click here

For list of Bellevue coaches, click here

For Issaquah Schedule, click here

For list of Issaquah teachers, click here.

Questions?  Please contact either office - Bellevue 425-644-8117 or Issaquah 425-392-2621.