Welcome to Our Club!

We strive to teach sound basic skills in a safe gymnastics setting. We believe that encouragement and positive motivation are the keys to gymnastics achievement and self-confidence.

Gymnastics East features the latest in gymnastics technology. We have spring tumbling floors, 40 ft. tumble tramps, vault tables, balance beams in graduated heights, uneven bars, practice bars, trampolines, a wide variety of small equipment to aid in instruction of the young through advanced training facilities for the competitive gymnast.

Students with previous gymnastics experience, who are new to our program, should make an appointment for a skill evaluation for proper class placement or refer to our "Moveup Requirements".

Breaking News

Our only closure for the month of November is the Thanksgiving Holiday starting Wednesday, November 26th through Saturday, November 29th.

Our Winterfest program for our Grasshopper, Cricket, Bumblebee and Hummingbird classes takes place on Saturday, December 13th at the Issaquah Team Gym (1590 NW Maple St., Issaquah).  No registration is required.  There is a $2 per adult admission fee.

Registration for the Bellevue and Issaquah locations are now available ONLINE via Online registration!!  You may also walk in, call, or email the office for information or to register.

For Bellevue Class Schedule, click here   - updated 11/14/14

For Issaquah Class Schedule, click here   - updated 11/10/14

Questions?  Please contact either office - Bellevue 425-644-8117 or Issaquah 425-392-2621.