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We strive to teach sound basic skills in a safe gymnastics setting. We believe that encouragement and positive motivation are the keys to gymnastics achievement and self-confidence.

Gymnastics East features the latest in gymnastics technology. We have spring tumbling floors, 40 ft. tumble tramps, vault tables, balance beams in graduated heights, uneven bars, practice bars, trampolines, a wide variety of small equipment to aid in instruction of the young through advanced training facilities for the competitive gymnast.

Students with previous gymnastics experience, who are new to our program, should make an appointment for a skill evaluation for proper class placement.

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School Year classes with Instructor information are now on display in our Online Registration Schedule, or you can click on the links below for a printable class schedule (no teacher info here). See below for Priority and Open Registration start dates by location.

BELLEVUE SCHEDULE - revised 7/20/16

ISSAQUAH SCHEDULE - revised 7/20/16

Summer Camps: Registration is open!  Click here for flyer and registration forms or here to register online. Call or stop by either office for more infomation.

Summer Classes: Registration is open!  Click on the links below for class schedules and registration information.  Register online or call or stop by either office for assistance.


2016-2017 School Year Classes:  If you registered for a Summer class or Camp by June 26th your family qualifies for Priority Registration.  Current accounts have been sent an email announcement indicating which registration dates are available to you.  All registration begins at 7:00AM on these dates: 

  • Priority Registration for Bellevue classes begins Monday, August 1st
  • Priority Registration for Issaquah classes begins Tuesday, August 2nd
  • Open Registration for Bellevue classes begins Tuesday, August 9th
  • Open Registration for Issaquah classes begins Wednesday, August 10th

  Please note: Apple touch screen only devices such as the iPhone and iPad do not work properly with our online registration software!  Please use a different device to register in our system!

Questions or to register, please call Bellevue: 425-644-8117, Issaquah: 425-392-2621 or stop by either office.